What we are

“SEAFARER’S SOCIAL CARE & CREW ASSISTANCE LLP!” was founded in the year 2017 by MR ALOK JAIN a sailing chief engineer who has been engaged in various social activities for last five years in Lucknow. It has been experienced and realized after long sailing at sea,A social network among seafarers should be established and day to day similar activities to be shared among the seafarers. The nearby presence of seafarers sometime unknown and feel alone in the profession in the society. “SEAFARER’S SOCIAL CARE & CREW ASSISTANCE LLP!” is devoted to attracting and retaining seafarers and creating a social platform,encouraging to build their own people group. This social networking will really helpful to our seafarers to find the fellow seafarers in your area. we serves as the independent connecting links among the seafarers and shipping companies,commercial projects investor options,Marine institutes,Medical examiners,tax advisers. Piracy,shipwreck,isolation,separation from loved one are the common problems of seafarers around the globe,Our aim to support to seafarers and families with different type of our service solution available with us. Also we are engaging with lot of social events like family get to gether, social events,charity events,donations etc. We are young and energetic team of seafarers willing to work together for our community by using modern information technology. We also introduced commercial /business ideas for our people for adoption so these tools can be utilized whenever required as backup from sailing. We are providing the services to our members on board entertainment and news services as well to stress ease up during their duty tenure..



Unlock and enable the power of seafarers fraternity.


To connect all seafarers locally and putting them together for knowledge sharing assisting and supporting each other..


Our company will encourage its member to volunteer.they can volunteer through programs organised internally or externally.our company may Sponsor volunteering events from other organisation. Our company committed to provide supportive and assistive services to its member regardless ranks nationality and religion...